For years, Firefox has been one of the most stable, trustworthy, and reliable browsers I had ever met. So much so, that I've kind of gotten attached to the guy and settled in for what was expected to be a productive, long-term relationship. That was, until the latest update hit.

What came next was crashes, news of crazy security loopholes, and bugs. And I'm not the only one. Half of Sugar HQ is experiencing the same problems, which leads me to believe that Firefox is becoming the bad boyfriend we all hate: running around on us behind our backs, without ever giving us any satisfaction. Firefox even had the nerve to disappear and leave BuzzSugar a lame "failure-to-restore" message, and then blamed the website she was on for the problem — the nerve!

So I'm sending my once trusty Firefox a message on behalf of all of us that are experiencing the same erratic and sketchy issues: let's work this out. I didn't want to have to say this, but I'll go back to Safari if this behavior continues. You've been warned.