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FloJuggler Is Ridiculous, but Real

FloJuggler Is Ridiculous and Real

For every awesome website of the day, there's a site that's a total dud. And while most aren't worth mentioning, this site really got my blood boiling. FloJuggler is a site dedicated to tracking the "periods of one or more girls" — for guys. Seriously.

According to the site's FAQs, FloJuggler serves this purpose:

"Let's say you have two tickets to the big concert and you want to get lucky afterwards because . . . well . . . the tickets are $75 each so . . . you have a list of possible candidates but you're just not sure which one is on her flo."

Want more details on how this site works? You know you do! Find out, along with my opinion (as if it wasn't already obvious), after the break.

The FloJuggler creator's response to the above mentioned conundrum was to create a website for guys to track their dates' lady business. The site works by collecting data on up to 10 women the user wants to track, and then aggregates the information and even alerts you via email when one of the ladies you're tracking is going to "receive her red present." At first glace, the site is novel and almost silly, but a quick look at the demo video shows that the creator of the site is actually serious about guys using the site.

In my opinion, if I'm casually dating someone, he has no right to know anything about my personal business, let alone track it! The concept itself isn't offensive, but the language on the site and attitude toward the concept is. Dear FloJuggler creator: better luck next time.

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Allie14839476 Allie14839476 7 years
What guy puts that much thought into "that time of the month". Most guys I know can't stand to think about it, much less track it. And if a guy is tracking it, then he's a very large jerk anyway (*cough*creator*cough*).
skigurl skigurl 7 years
LOL I can only laugh at the ridiculousness of this! and how would a guy even know unless he had an experience of the red present with each girl in the past and then input the information. plus, so many girls have irregular cycles (but I guess he should be sticking to girls on the pill anyway!) stupid!!
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 7 years
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