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Floppy Disk Coaster Set Makes Floppies Useful Again

I've seen plenty of geeky coasters, and while many have been cute, there haven't been a ton that are tech inspired and still totally acceptable as home decor. This Floppy Disc Coaster Set ($28) supersedes all that — the felt material makes them both practical and cozy looking.

Plus, hello, they're floppy disks! It makes me feel less bad for all the lightning-fast cycling through electronics that we do. Floppies, nostalgia is upon you.

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lovely2190 lovely2190 8 years
ooo cute, but i think i would make my a broke college student i can't go spending too much on gadgets right now :(
djkatscan djkatscan 8 years
GirlOverboard: you could use some sort of plastic resin, I would think they sell that at craft stores. I have used floppy disks to make pen cup and little note pads.
devils devils 8 years
That's a great idea... but I'd rather make it myself then pay $28 :D
looseseal looseseal 8 years
Can't you just use the floppies as is without covering them up? Or is there a chance they would melt and meld right to any hot mugs you put on them? This is already the only purpose some CDs are good for.
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 8 years
I actually have some old Kings Quest and Police Quest 8.5" floppies that I would love to turn into coasters, but in a way so that you can still see what the floppies are for. Anyone know of a way that I could encase them in plastic? They'd be rather large coasters but I think it could be a pretty spiffy idea.
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