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FlyCast Streams Radio on Your iPhone

Geek Tip: Stream Radio on Your iPhone For Free

One thing I love about the iPhone is choice. I can pick which apps I want or don't want on my phone — no one is telling me that I have to use one or the other. I also love that you can get some of the best apps for free. Take Pandora for example — I'm totally bummed about the news that they may go under — but it's by far one of my favorite free music-streaming programs, iPhone or not.

So I was equally excited when I found FlyCast, an app that lets you stream radio stations from all across the country. I can listen to KEXP – my go-to station for indie music – and a thousand others wherever I have a connection. You can pause live radio, and it runs in the background so you can still surf the Internet or check your mail while it's playing. Plus, FlyCast is free! This really is a win-win situation here.

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kimchimei kimchimei 8 years
i dled it ! i'll miss pandora if it goes under.
gaelgirl gaelgirl 8 years
what about those of us who have other smart phones?
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
i have pandora on my phone but never use it. they just pushed an update recently so i hope that means things are looking up for them. i couldn't make it through the day at work without them!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i have to agree that being able to stream my music on the iPhone is a great thing seeing as how you can only listen to the same tunes so many times. i hope that pandora doesn't go under for both personal and professional reasons. we just launched an advertising campaign on pandora and that would really suck if the site goes down...
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 8 years
Awesome! I have Pandora on my touch, now I can have more options! Woot :P
Glossgirl692 Glossgirl692 8 years
pandora can't go under! i just got it a few days ago, and already i've found 5 great new songs that i love. grr. this isn't fair, it gives me a taste just when it's about to end!
MissMarisol MissMarisol 8 years
Thanks! I have Pandora, & AOL radio on my iPhone. I live in Central Valley, CA but I used to listen to a morning show from the Bay Area (ALICE 97.3) and now I can listen to them through AOL radio. I gotta check out FlyCast.
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