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Food or Phone Case? It's Hard to Tell

Oct 30 2014 - 8:57am

Imagine the reactions you would get if you pulled out a phone case that looked exactly like food. Now make it happen by getting one of these covers. Whether you're a prankster or someone who just really loves grub, these gems are for you.

Snag this Pop-Tart iPhone case [1] ($42) and relive the best part of your childhood mornings.

Just try not to salivate whenever you look down at this doughnut case [2] ($41).

Don't blame people for staring at this iPhone 5S saltine cracker case [3] ($10).

Think of this sushi iPhone case [4] ($17) as a way to carry around your bento box at all times.

This Galaxy and iPhone vending machine case [5] ($15) might as well be an ode to snacks everywhere.

Fry-lovers everywhere will go nuts over this too-perfect french fry iPhone case [6] ($15).

You'll want to rock this ice cream sandwich iPhone cover [7] ($20-$25) even in the Winter.

We dare you not to want to take a bite out of this iPhone case [8] ($18) that looks like the Hostess Cupcakes from your childhood.

OK, this bacon iPhone case [9] ($17) might be a little too real.

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