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Geek Culture
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Free iPad 2 Giveaway

Geek Out This Summer With Our iPad Giveaway

Get ready to geek out this Summer! We are so excited for the launch of the new PopSugar iPad app that we decided to spread the geek love and give away iPad 2s fully loaded with the PopSugar iPad app. What's even better is we are giving away not one, not two, but three iPad 2s to three lucky winners. Just think you could be on the beach reading GeekSugar using the PopSugar iPad app on your new iPad 2 in no time. To enter for your chance to win, just:

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Join The Conversation
Claire3145352 Claire3145352 4 years
give me one pleaseeeeeee i dont know how to enter the contest >.<
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 5 years
 @Debbie2554566 I'm sorry, but the giveaway ended! You can always submit your entry into this contest:  The prize is $5,000 to fuel your passion! I hope that helps!
Debbie2554566 Debbie2554566 5 years
it wont let me hit submit to enter the contest
Debbie2554566 Debbie2554566 5 years
I have been wanting one of these for so long but my husband is retired and we cant afford one. Hugs and God Bless  
Gio-Jwy2679282 Gio-Jwy2679282 5 years
I would reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love one. my family just can afford to buy one for me.
Viraj2674604 Viraj2674604 5 years
Please one for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vasu499 vasu499 5 years
i dont trust giveaway sites either most of the sites are scam :@ a friend of mine got his iPad from this site:
Joey2579773 Joey2579773 5 years
i would love one for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   i could not afford it but i  hope i win!!!
leeandre2567779 leeandre2567779 5 years
i hope i win yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Debbie2554566 Debbie2554566 5 years
I have tried for awhile to get an Ipad sure hope I am picked to win one thanks so much for the chance  
jamie-ferrari jamie-ferrari 5 years
It would be delightful to have an iPad of my very own. Here's to hoping, and wishing the best of luck to everyone else who is hoping to win. xox
Mohamed2421034 Mohamed2421034 5 years
please help the poor  
Mohamed2421034 Mohamed2421034 5 years
or trocaire  
Mohamed2421034 Mohamed2421034 5 years
if i win i will sell it to fund kony2012
Jimmy2414205 Jimmy2414205 5 years
i hope i win
Austin21610 Austin21610 5 years
I so hope I win this and this is not like past experiences my bday would be amazing if I won this
Austin21610 Austin21610 5 years
@Sammy2345667 Me too my b-day is coming up and if WE won this iPad that would be like thrilling , it would be the best thing ever
prototyp1 prototyp1 5 years
i now what you mean:(
Sammy2345667 Sammy2345667 5 years
I so want this i-pad 2 i never can round up enough money to get one on my own. I hope get it that would be the prefect birthday gift ever!
dshapdesign dshapdesign 5 years
Wooohoooo! I can't wait for my iPad to arrive! Thank you so much!
BriAndreasen BriAndreasen 5 years
Hey who won the Ipad 2s?!?
akseymour akseymour 5 years
What a great contest!
aliintern aliintern 5 years
Venuss77 Venuss77 5 years
I would love to win!
chichijunk chichijunk 5 years
am PRAYING REAL HARD that we win this!!! chichijunk at cs dot com
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