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From Birth to Death: My Pinder Laptop Bag Review

Usually when I do a laptop bag review, it's for a bag I've only gotten to carry around for a few days, so this is something different, but probably more useful and realistic — this is a review for my own laptop bag that I bought and paid for myself and have been carrying for the last few months.

I bought the Pinder Thin Laptop Bag for $40 in March (on sale from its usual $58) and they threw in the Vinnie Shoulder Strap for free.

The Thin comes in custom sizes depending on your computer, so I got the one that would fit my MacBook Pro perfectly. Even though the bag's description suggests the pockets for peripherals, when I used the bag, I left them empty. Which is why it was a surprise that the fabric of my bag started ripping just a few months after use.

To hear about what happened,


I've used my Pinder laptop bag a few times a week in the nine months that I've had it, but I would have assumed that the ballistic nylon exterior fabric would have been able to support the shoulder strap's pull (not to mention that the bag is intended for the exact computer I used in it). A few months ago, I noticed the first tears on the outside, which was bad enough because the company touts its "super tough, water repellent, abrasion resistant, ballistic nylon exterior and trim". Yet it was tearing and not only did it look awful, but I worried it would only get worse. Which it did.

Last week, the fabric tore clear up and out — meaning that it pulled the nylon of the pocket out, exposing the thin foam that's supposed to keep my PC safe, and also exposing the computer itself!

I wrote the company this week and included the photos you see here, explaining my predicament. I probably won't be buying another bag from Pinder, considering that my average use of it was hardly as hard-core as its description would have you think it could handle.

I hope to get a refund so I can invest my money in a bag that won't be destroyed in under a year; and maybe I'll have to walk my own talk about making an investment in something that's excellent quality that will last, and more importantly, protect my precious cargo.

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