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Full Length TV Shows and Movies Coming to Cell Phones

Did you know that NBC Universal has been offering shows like The Office and Heroes for cell phones through a service called Mobi TV? Yeah, it hasn't been that popular, mainly because of the $1.99 price tag and because shows are only available for 24 hours after they air.

Well according to USA Today, AT&T is the latest network to jump on the mobile TV shows bandwagon and will launch next month with channels from CBS, Fox, NBC, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV and Nickelodeon. By purchasing a new LG Vu or Samsung Access phone, customers will have access to all their favorite TV shows and be able to watch them in their entirety. No word on phone pricing just yet, or subscription costs, but I'm pretty sure it will be drastically cheaper than $1.99 for only 24 hours!


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wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 9 years
Actually - I was reading somewhere that you have to have a special plan on top of the TV plan. Seems like too much extra $$ for a show. I'd much rather watch a movie/show on the ipod. (And not bashing AT&T - that's who I have!)
Kazagirl Kazagirl 9 years
First off my cell phone screen is to small to watch movies and tv eyes are already bad enough.
SweetnLow SweetnLow 9 years
So, in other words- it will be the same exact programming as Verizon already has. FWIW- I don't mind the small screen, tsp. It is awesome when you are randomly waiting to grab a quick show. (I have the voyager.)
tsp tsp 9 years
i just can't imagine watching movies or tv shows on my cell phone. I'm just not "there" yet. my husband is about to head out on a trip and is talking about leaving his laptop home and watching movies on his iPhone instead on the flight. Maybe I'll have to get a "report" from him on whether its as annoyingly small as it seems.
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