As much as I go ga ga for techie products targeted for adults, there are certainly some accessories for kids that make me drool just as much. It's a given that kids today are going to be exposed to all sorts of technology, so it's only fitting that they be included in all the gadget frenzy fun. Here are some of my favorite child friendly tech toys.

The Sansa Shaker by Sandisk is a fun mp3 player that kids can shake to change the songs. They can also go wild customizing their players with the included colorful stickers. Each shaker comes with its own lanyard and a SD memory card slot so they can rock out to their fave tunes. And if they're not comfortable the earphones, there's a built-in speaker so they can blast their music for everyone to enjoy! Only $40 at Amazon.

Ok if your child is spoiled and has a 30, 40, or 80GB video iPod, or if you just want to protect yours, the iFrogz tadpole will provide you with comfortable grip handles to help make viewing easy and fun! The only exposed parts of the iPod are the click wheel, the screen and hold button. There are also headphones to go with the cases and are compatible with all iPod's. Cases are available in cool colors like mandrin orange, purple parade, pink panther, royal blue, lymon green and bright red. Price is $20 for the wrap or $25 with the headphones.

Techie Diva posted this adorable HANNspree bright red apple 10 inch LCD television- a perfect accessory for a playroom or kids bedroom. Just open the doors to reveal the TV as the speakers are right inside. Check out the site for more super cute styles. Price is around $400.