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Make Your Own Rejected Candy Hearts

Feb 12 2014 - 4:25am

The trend that always seems to regain a pulse around Valentine's Day is #rejectedcandyhearts or some slight hashtagged variation of it. As kids, we used to cackle mercilessly at the "first kiss" and "soul mate"messages used on Necco Sweethearts Candies [1], but now the Internet makes it all too easy to fill in the heart blank as we please, like with the meme generator Cryptogram [2]. We went for slight adaptations of the actual messages on the Necco hearts, but the Internet [3] is much less forgiving. Prepare to sift through a bunch of vulgar choices, though there is some gold. For instance, one favorite heart reads [4], "I'm in love with bourbon. Sorry."

Source: Cryptogram [5]

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