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Funny College Humor Noob Boyfriend Video

Modern Love: Could You Date a N00b?

It's come to this: the new dating discrimination is based on a potential suitor's gaming hardcore-ness. That's what this hilariously geeky video from College Humor would have you believe anyway — a girl brings her n00b boyfriend home to her patrician l33t parents and geek intolerance ensues over her less-than-ideal choice.

Watch it for yourself, but I can't resist a couple spoilers, especially my favorite line: "You're a l33t dammit, we don't date n00bs, we pwn them!" And wait for one of my latest definitions.

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M-Rossiter M-Rossiter 7 years
I married a n00b!! It's cute. I love being the geek. :D
shinycrazy shinycrazy 7 years
I actually married a n00b. Sometimes, I have to explain certain things, but mostly he gets it. He sees the internet as a place to watch YouTube and check his bank account balance, only. I'm working on expanding his horizons!
devils devils 7 years
Lmao! That was hilarious! I couldn't date a n00b. Actually, I tried.... it was a bit frustrating lol.
duckiesandie duckiesandie 7 years
Haha, I almost laughed out my lunch watching this. Awesome find! My geeky boyfriend and I met playing TF2 and CS online, thank goodness I don't have this problem! :-D
karyney karyney 7 years
LOL'd @ the variation on "tl;dr." SO funny!
pearsbeary pearsbeary 7 years hilariousness!!!
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