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Funny Family-Tech Stories: My Dad Calls His Inbox the "Big Thing"

Funny Family-Tech Stories: My Dad Calls His Inbox the "Big Thing"

As you already know, my family is a hoot when it comes to embracing technology. My mom recently learned how to make smiley faces in IM, and my dad, well, my dad is still trying to wrap his head around tech terminology. Gotta love the holidays, when anything and everything is free game.

The other night, my dad wanted me to access his inbox on the Internet so he could check his email. And this is how he proceeded to ask me:

Bring up the big thing with all of the stuff in it.

And just like that, I knew exactly what he was talking about. Hilarious!

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PirateKitty PirateKitty 8 years
I still can't get my mom to understand how to Cut Copy. She is very good with IMing me while i am at work though
CoronaLove CoronaLove 8 years
but she can text message and text photos non stop. she is too funny.
CoronaLove CoronaLove 8 years
my mom thinks that *you cant open multiple internet pages that you can only have 1 page open *you can only access the internet through her AOL icon from like 8 years ago. and she doesnt know tabs exist. i try to explain to her over the phone but she just doesnt understand. I have to sit down with her next time i see her :)
djkatscan djkatscan 8 years
My mom just added me on facebook! Life is over.
homekeeper homekeeper 8 years
My mom just got her first computer a few years ago and still doesn't understand much about it. She thought if she cut off her internet, her computer wouldn't work anymore. She didn't realize that the computer does things besides the internet! AND....this one is the funniest, in an IM one time when she was first learning how to do it. She had asked me what LOL meant and I told her. Then she said she couldn't find the button. I was like "What button Mom?" She responded: "The LOL button" I died laughing!!!!!!
kia kia 8 years
geeksugar and macgirl, I don't know why I find these stories precious. I had to sit my dad down to teach him how to use e-mail, now he has it down pat but wants me to teach him some Photoshop basics. And my mother... gah, she thinks the internet is evil. She has watched too much TruTV with their identity theft stories.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
My father in law, who I adore for the record, just can't grasp email. He uses Entourage and is constantly stopped in his tracks with small things. He has been hounding me for a year now to help him get his shows off of his DVR and onto his iMac so he can burn them onto DVD's. This isn't something that I even want to tackle on my own let alone teach to the man who can't make an email group. Ugh.
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