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12 Reasons Life Would Suck Without Nerf

Feb 27 2014 - 11:08am

What would our childhoods be without Nerf? Heck, what would our adulthoods be without Nerf? The toy that started as a foam ball in 1969 and turned into a play gun turns 45 this year [1], and we have to celebrate the only way we know how . . . by breaking down the many reasons life would suck if it had never been created. Have a look, and then be thankful this is all just hypothetical.

Source: Flickr user mike_miley [2]

1969 Would've Been Such an Average Year

(Nerf debuted in 1969 with this four-inch foam ball.)

Source: Flickr user JeepersMedia [3]

We'd Have Nothing to Tweet About

Source: Flickr user thecampbells [4]

We Would've Never Witnessed This Magic

Hey there, Mr. Feeny.

Husbands and Wives Would Have Zero Fun

Source: Meme Center [5]

We Wouldn't Be Able to Do the Nerf Victory Dance

Source: Flickr user fafnir665 [6]

We Couldn't Celebrate Birthdays With Nerf-Gun Cakes

Source: Flickr user ayca13 [7]

Han Would Never Have This Epic(-ly Fake) Comeback

Source: Imgur user Jmckinney89 [8]

Start-Up Life Would Be Way More Boring

Source: Flickr user mikemol [9]

We Wouldn't Find Nerf Surprises Everywhere

Source: Imgur user scootz759 [10]

We'd Never Think of Clever Nerf Hacks

Source: Reddit user GhostalMedia [11]

We'd Have Nothing in Common With Grandma

Source: Flickr user mike_miley [12]

Childhood and Adulthood Would Be Worthless

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