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Funny Tech Story: Check Your Pockets!

Funny Tech Story: Always Check Your Pockets

The iPhone mishaps keep coming in! This Funny Tech Story comes from reader TrulyLoved:

One day when I was working at the Apple store, I suddenly had to use the restroom. I asked the floor lead if I could go real quick, of course it was OK. When I got to the restroom, I began to pull my pants down, then I heard a splash. I knew instantly what that was. I dropped my $600 first gen, only a couple months old iPhone into the toilet. Good thing it was before I used the restroom.

I pulled out the phone to watch it flicker on and off, on and off. I ran it out to the Genius Bar and begged them for help. They helped as much as they could, but it was dead. I had to let it dry out for a few days. My trick was using the Mac Pro on the floor (brought it in everyday) let it sit on the graphics card for my full shift. Finally on the third day I plugged it in and IT WORKED!!! I had not a single issue with the phone after! I was so happy. Well, that when I learned to always check my pockets before I use a toilet.

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