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Website of the Day: Damn You, Auto Correct

I don't know that I've laughed this hard at a website in a long time. Anyone with an iPhone is familiar with the helpful/annoying autocorrect feature. While most of the time my phone gets it right, sometimes it'll get a word horribly, horribly wrong. Thus, Damn You, Auto Correct was born. The site is a hilarious compilation of autocorrected messages sent by users who have experienced major autocorrect FAILS.

Just one warning: the site is so hilarious, you'll probably find yourself sucked into all of its awesome.

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rossy rossy 6 years
It's been a LONG TIME since I laughed so hard I cried - even more so when I visited the website. LOL! Can't wait to get the book... although it might do me serious harm. - This is why people should TALK to each other rather than typing messages to each other. But if they must send texts back & forth, how about NOT choosing the "auto-correct" feature from the menu in the first place - or if the phone comes with it 'ON' already, simply go into the menu & turn it off. The instruction booklet will tell owners how/where to find it... - No. Wait! Forget I said anything - I want the hilarity to continue long into the future. ;)
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