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7 Glasses Straight Out of Science Fiction

Aug 27 2013 - 4:24am

Google Glass, the specs that bring your virtual life into the real world (sort of) through augmented reality launched this year [1] and is becoming increasingly ubiquitous thanks to influencers like Vogue embracing the technology in photo shoots [2].

As many people as we may see wear them now, the glasses still look like they've jumped right out of a futuristic flick. We hunted down a few other sci-fi specs that we might like to wear and a few we hope never come to pass.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Geordi La Forge once was blind, but now he sees, thanks to his VISOR, which scans the electromagnetic spectrum and sends the signal directly into his optic nerve. High tech, indeed.

Source: Paramount [3]

Mission: Impossible

Ethan Hunt has a plethora of tech toys at his disposal, but gadget-loving nerds went crazy over his eyeglasses, which transmitted video. In the latest edition, his partners in crime prevention used a high-tech contact to make copies of sensitive documents in order to prevent nuclear warfare. Naturally.

Source: Paramount [4]

They Live

I think we could all use a pair of Nada's glasses, which identify aliens living among us, as depicted in John Carpenter's They Live. You know, just in case.

Source: Universal [5]


One we hope to never see in real life: the glasses (and technology) from Surrogates allow humans to live out their lives through a robotic clone. It's like living in the Matrix by choice. Who the heck wants to do that!?

Source: Disney [6]


You would expect someone like Nite Owl to see in the dark, and he does, thanks to his sleek night-vision goggles.

Source: Warner Bros. [7]

True Lies

Secret spy Harry Tasker used technology to thwart a terrorist stalker in 1994 when he had a spy cam implanted into a faux pack of cigarettes that transmitted a signal into his sunglasses. It was like having (digital) eyes on the back of his head!

Source: 20th Century Fox [8]

Back to the Future Part II

In the future, Marty McFly Jr. has a sweet pair of glasses that lets him watch TV wherever he is, including the dinner table.

Source: Universal [9]

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