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Gadget Universe Goes Hollywood

Mar 1 2007 - 7:00am

Surprisingly, the celebrity gadget endorsements hit an all time low this week, as the Oscars opted not to pass out the famous gift bags. Still, La La land wasn't without geek gift suites - the Gadget Universe debuted what its makers are calling "one of the most innovative vehicle protection devices for celebrities" - a Spion Vehicle Safeguard video recording [1] device that you can place on your dashboard or in the back of your car so you can catch all those pestering photographers following you. Or, if your name is Brooke Hogan, your dad can install it so he can keep tabs on you around the clock.

The device uses three AAA batteries and records onto an SD card up to 2GB, giving you four hours of total record time that can be transferred to your computer. Apparently, Kathy and Rick Hilton stopped by the Gadget Universe booth and Kathy expressed the value of having such a device for their daughter, Paris, who is constantly surrounded by the media. Personally I wonder if Paris really needs any more cameras around her than she already has. For a photo gallery or the event,

The company's CEO, Alexander Elnekaveh, says to be on the lookout for several of his innovations in upcoming movies and television shows.

"We have innovations to benefit every lifestyle. What better way for people to become familiar with our wonderful innovations than to see their favorite celebrity using our great products."

Oh Elnekaveh, you are so behind. We've got that covered. Anyone want LC's BlackBerry [2]? What about Jennifer Aniston's [2]? Leo DiCaprio's [2] Carbon anyone?

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