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5 Awesome Newlywed Gadgets to Splurge On

Now that you're Mr. and Mrs., you'll want to invest in a few things for your new lives together. And where better to start than in the electronics department? I've talked at length about the benefits of having a small and compact camera around to capture great memories, and the Flip UltraHD [1], as well as the new (and oh-so-stylish) Olympus EP-1 [2] fit the bill quite nicely.

Of course, the pair of LCD screens are a nice touch (a waterproof number for your bathroom [3], and a 42-inch model for your living room [4]), and although the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill [5] is pretty low tech, I think it's fit for any geek-chic apartment or house out there. May you enjoy your steaks well-done for many years to come!

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