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Gadgets and Technology geeksugar Recommends For Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey at College

How I'd Wire Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey For NYU

I'm excited about all my tech personal styling for the ladies of Gossip Girl (Serena, Georgina, and Blair, oh my) — it definitely makes me miss the show a little less for the Summer hiatus — but now it's time to turn my attention to the male faction of the show.

I've picked Dan Humphrey, because even though he can be dense, dopey, and judgmental, I still have a place in my heart for the character who'll always be known as Lonely Boy to me.

So check out my picks for geeky things a semi-stylish young guy with a thing for female professors should take with him to NYU — he's going to need it (that, and a heaping dose of confidence).


Photo courtesy of The CW

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megancarol megancarol 8 years
ahh okay - thanks for clearing that up! i missed two or three episodes and clearly this occurred during one of them. that sounds really out of character for Rufus. he did what it took to send his children to the finest high schools in the city, so it is not a stretch to conclude he has prioritized education... i wouldn't have imagined that he would take away such a great opportunity for Dan over pride! maybe there is more to it (not like i saw that episode), but based on what you said, i agree, that *is* lame. what's wrong with taking out student loans like the rest of us had to do!?
Tech Tech 8 years
So, he got into Yale but then couldn't get financial aid, and Rufus refused to take Lily's money for Dan's education (which was lame if you ask me), and somehow they worked it out that it would be more affordable (HA) for Dan to go to NYU. I think I have that right :). Where my other rabid GG fans at?
megancarol megancarol 8 years
did i miss something? i thought Dan had been accepted to Yale... is he really going to NYU?
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