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Game of Phones Is Just as Addictive as That One HBO Show

Apr 23 2014 - 9:27am

Meet Game of Phones [1], a game that's as sassy as Cards Against Humanity [2], as fun to play with friends/frenemies as Heads Up! [3], and as addictive as that one HBO show [4] with the dragons and lords of light.

Here's how you play: someone picks a card from the Game of Phones deck. That person is the judge and reads the selected card to all the other players. The cards say things like, "Show your yuppiest app," or "Next to get an Instagram like wins this card." Whoever finds or gets the card's prompt on their phone first, wins the round. The first player to win 10 rounds is crowned champion. It's the only situation where having your phone at a party isn't rude . . . it's the actual party.

Clearly, these gamemakers have struck a chord with the smartphone-toting crowd. The Kickstarter has already gone above and beyond its $6K goal, with $13K raised and less than a day to go. Quick — there's still time to grab a set of 100 cards for $25 on its Kickstarter page [5].

Grab some friends.

Source: Game of Phones [6]

Pull some cards.

Source: Game of Phones [7]

Prove that you're smartphone savvy.

Source: Game of Phones [8]

Win 10 times.

Source: Game of Phones [9]

Become champion!

Source: Game of Phones [10]

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