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Game of Thrones Episode 2 Reviews and Recaps

Game of Thrones Episode 2, "The Kingsroad": Love It or Leave It?

I'm definitely excited to hear that Game of Thrones has been picked up for a second season already; so far, I'm a big fan. If last night's second episode is any indication, the series will continue to be chock full of jealousy, lust, and lots of drama, urging me to pick up the books to get a good grip on the bigger picture. And though he hasn't seen a ton of screen time yet, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. How could you not instantly love him after he gave young Prince Jeoffery a good smack in front of the dog pen?

Now it's your turn — what did you think about the second episode? Was it enough to get you to tune in next week? Vote, and then chat it up in the comments!

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Kristy-Ellington Kristy-Ellington 6 years
I was thinking the same thing MashiaraQCS. I've been reading the books and find that connection to be much stronger than on the show.
MashiaraQCS MashiaraQCS 6 years
I love the books and I love the show. The only issue I have from book to tv is the lack of connection of the Stark's to their direwolves. I think it's an important thread of the story.
kimchimei kimchimei 6 years
^ i agree. its portrayed so accurately and i'm really enjoying the show. i just finished a game of thrones and have started a clash of kings.
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
I was on the fence about the first episode but the second was a big improvement. One or two more and I may be hooked.
Kristy-Ellington Kristy-Ellington 6 years
I think there's definitely a "convenience cost" for buying books on the Kindle, but I'd have to say it's worth it for me not to lug around paperbacks. Plus, I can get them NOW rather than waiting for shipping.
scissorz scissorz 6 years
love the books, epic and awesome! not a huge shock tyrion is also our fave, martin, the author also confesses being partial to him
MissMarisol MissMarisol 6 years
I have not read the books but I really want to now that I've seen the 2 episodes. Tyrion is great and loved how he slapped Joffrey. If you have a Kindle, there is a book bundle for all 4 books for $35.
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