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Geek Culture
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GameStop Being Sued Over Used Video Games

A Warning When Purchasing Used Games

Since most of you purchase used games, listen up! A recent lawsuit against GameStop alleges it deceptively misleads customers purchasing used games. Often, used games are priced as little as $5 below the price of an untouched game. The problem is that if your game contains additional content that has to be downloaded, you can only download it once for free. Subsequent downloads can cost as much as $15, so the game will end up costing you more.

The lawsuit aims to ensure GameStop (and presumably other resellers) discloses that additional online content is not available free for used games, even if the game's original packaging says it is. Most games work without the additional content, but when you're purchasing used, be sure to keep this in mind.

Source: Flickr User Moe_'s

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pinkmystic pinkmystic 7 years
wow really, a lawsuit? It's not that serious... lesson learned, if a game requires you to buy extra features then it's better to buy the new copy. Now you can move on with your life.
cherryblossom cherryblossom 7 years
I understand that the as little as five dollars cheaper thing can be bad, but not so much if its a game that someone bought barely played for like two months and then traded in for points or something, then the value shouldnt go down that much. Also I dont really know what you mean by the extra content thing, is not most extra content something that the other person would have downloaded to? and when you download that it affects your system not the game itself, so why shouldnt the new owner have to pay for the bonus content just like the first owner?
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