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GameStop Offering a 50 Percent Trade-In Bonus on All Used Games

Geek Tip: Get More Money Back on Your Used Games

Nowadays, I only buy a new video game if it's something I absolutely cannot wait to play — Heavy Rain or Alan Wake, anyone? Since a used game is at least 30 percent cheaper than its new version, I end up saving a ton of money that I can use on important things like, you know, more games. Most of you are with me too: 74 percent of GeekSugar readers also hit the used bins for games.

Have I got a deal for you. On Friday I went to GameStop for my usual video game purge. (Sidenote: Besides buying used games, I also sell them. Since I'm always in a cycle of buying and reselling games, I figure I'm never that far in the red.) Instead, I was told by the sales guy to come back on Monday. Since the look he gave me signaled that he knew I was a card-carrying GameSpot member, I dutifully complied. Thank goodness too. GameStop is currently offering a 50 percent trade-in bonus on all used games and members get an extra 10 percent bonus on top of that.

I went in with Ghostbusters and Legend of Zelda for the Wii, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360, and Mario Kart for the DS. Instead of getting a trade-in credit of $56, I scored myself $90 in GameStop bucks — cha-ching! According to GameStop employees, the end date of this deal is up in the air, but it will definitely be happening all week. Gamers, I'm talking to you: put down the controller and start selling.


Update: Looks like the deal ends on Mar. 14!

Source: Flickr User Moe_'s

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FreakingMuse FreakingMuse 7 years
I only went to Gamestop a few times and never bought anything because at the local store, the used games are much more expensive then when I go to another shop and buy them new. And it's not only a few bucks, sometimes they are almost TWICE the price I would pay if I'd get them new. For example: I could get the Special Edition of "Alone in the dark" for 15€ at Amazon or Saturn and Gamestop wants 25-30€ for the normal edition. I don't know if it the case in Germany but right now I really don't like Gamestop at all.
Toddie Toddie 7 years
I've often been disappointed with the amount I'm offered for relatively popular video games at Gamestop. I've been much happier with Goozex (, where you trade in your games for points, and then use those points to request the games you want. There's generally a wait for the new releases, but since the games are basically free, it's been a great deal.
MsTerious82 MsTerious82 7 years
This is great. I wonder if Canadian locations are part of this promotion?
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