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Action Heroes, Ninjas Make Gamer's Dream Wedding Come True

We're happy to present this article from our partners at Yahoo! Shine:

While the guests looked slightly shocked, it wasn't all that surprising when successful video game developer Adam Bohn (better known by his online persona Artix von Krieger) lived out his action-hero fantasies during his recent wedding to his girlfriend Michelle Chang. "Everybody was expecting something," Bohn tells Yahoo Shine. "They just didn't know how far we'd go." A video (shot by Fairytale Productions) posted on Wednesday captures the mayhem.

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You know that charge of electricity that runs through the room when the wedding officiator intones, "Speak now or forever hold your peace...?" At this event, family and friends were right to be nervous (and amused) because that solemn invitation unleashed a spectacle of villainous wedding crashers, including a knight, a troupe of ninjas, Iron Man, and Batman.

Read on for more.

Fortunately, Bohn and his groomsmen wore armor over their tuxedos, and the bridesmaids had boned up on their martial arts and head-butting skills. When the knight tried to kidnap the bride, Chang handed her hero a sword and cried, "Get him, babe!"—launching an epic sword fight. The wedding party deflected the interlopers like a fly swatter smacks a gnat and the festivities continued — until legendary WWE Manager Jimmy Hart sauntered in wearing a custom white suit festooned with bright red hearts to stop the fight. Bohn says the Catholic priest presiding over the ceremony was completely unfazed and just happened to be a fan of old-school wrestling.


Bohn and Chang met five years ago — he won't say how. "The story is, I saved her from a burning building," he laughs. He adds, "She was the only girl who I've ever met who hasn't called me weird." It took the couple about nine months to organize their wedding. Bohn says he got the idea from in-game weddings (role-playing video games online) that his company hosts when staffers get married. These events attract thousands, if not tens of thousands, of gamers. "The real wedding was an imitation of what we do in video games — there are always wedding crashers," he said. The couple's nuptials were unconventional, but not their relationship. "Michelle and I are going to grow old and die together. We're pretty traditional and our core values keep us together," said Bohn. On Friday, December 13, Bohn and Chang (aka Artix and Trini) will recreate their wedding in-game in AdventureQuest Worlds.

—Sarah B. Weir

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