While awareness bracelets are almost always for a good cause they have gotten a little out of hand in the past year or two. What started as a way to promote awareness of serious diseases like cancer, became a bit of a "fashion statement." (I only put that in quotes because I'm not sure Fab would agree they're fashionable in any way.)

On their advertisement page for the Geek Awareness Bracelets, $1.99, Thinkgeek says: "By wearing any of these bracelets, you will show you care by shouting to the world and showing your support for geek awareness in every aspect of life. Whether it's hacking your PSP, watercooling your overclocked box, sniping a noob, or simply taking stuff apart and putting it back together — because you can — you always embrace geek."

While I'm all about hacking my PSP and shouting my geekiness from the rooftops, I'm not ready to adorn my body with rubber geek bracelets. What do you think: Are they geek chic, or totally geeky?