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Last week I made a comment about some awful gamer tee shirts that seemed to strike a cord with some of you and I realized I should clarify: I recognize the joy of a nice gamer/geek shirt, but it has to have at least a hint of chic to get geeksugar approval. When is a geek shirt not chic? It's not chic if the reference is so bizarre that you know only Dungenmasters, elite gamers and men with questionable personal hygiene will get it. Also, not so chic are shirts that say *sigh*, WTF or LOL.

It is chic, however, to wear smart, design conscious, funny and, in some rare occasions even punny shirts with a geeky edge ("keeping it nerd free with my TI-83" - admit it, that's hilarious!). I even give bonus points to geeky top 10 lists (assuming more than 100,000 on this earth can understand them) and fun, programmer shout outs. I know, fashion is subjective, and geeks don't exactly have a good reputation in this field, but take this from me, geek chic tee shirts are possible.

For a look at my favorite geek chic shirts,

I owe kudos to the boys at Kotaku for finding this cute Nintendo Princess Tee, $22. It gets my props for being fitted (seriously people, not all gamer shirts need to be gigantic sacks of potatoes) and has a soft vintage wash that makes it girlie - maybe I am heavily influenced by the fact that there's a giant, pink and sparkling Princess on it. The back says "Waiting to be rescued!" Everyone wants to pretend to be a damsel in distress once in a while, am I right? Even if only in a video game.

The I wanna text you up, $17.99, combines a vintage geek look with texting, which is contemporary geek and even a professional event these days. Also, the muted colors means this one works for a girl or a guy. Sure, the message of the shirt is a little racy, but it's clever enough that it's not creepy and any shout out to Color Me Badd is sooooo good.

Thinkgeek has long been a tee shirt destination for geeky guys across the WWW, but it offers plenty of simple and sweet options for girls too. The I Love My Geek, $17.99, shirt gets my goat cause it's a cute gift for a geeky guy to give his lady, but still feminine, fun and dare I say even romantic?

There really is nothing more chic than a geeksugar tee shirt. First off, it shows you're a loyal reader and second off it proves you have good taste. The best part is, I am hosting a competition right now so the person that leaves the most comments during the month of April will be awarded a geeksugar tee shirt from the Sugar Shop. Of course, if you don't win, you can buy one yourself.

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