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Geek Chic Tee Shirts (Guy Geek Edition)

There is nothing worse than a geeky guy that only wears atrocious gamer shirts that he thinks are soooo cool. I'm talking Dungeons and Dragons, Halo 2, Final Fantasy and of course Counter Strike. Sure, those games are all great in their own right and you're probably really sweet, smart and rocking a great sense of humor, but there's an inherent "geek meter" that goes off in women's heads when they see guys adorned in a gamer tee. Of course, there are plenty of girls that are guilty of showing off shirts with cutesy emoticons and terribly geeky references, but it's the fellas that seem to exhibit the worse in geeky clothing choices.

So how can you impress the ladies with gamer shirts? Four out of five women I polled said they liked vintage prints and references (think Atari and Nintendo), subtle colors and shirts with cute robots. The fifth woman suggested you take the shirt off. If you're not ready to strip, here are some suggestions for ways you can make your geeky wardrobe a little more chic.

The Spinner Shirt, $19, by Panic Design's C. Sasser, is subtle, but filled with tech cred. The girl in front of you in the coffee line will think, "what a cute and artsy Mac user...I'll bet he could turn me on too" Not "I'll bet that guy lives in his mom's garage and binges on Cheetos."

Whether they'll admit it or not, girls dig guys that love arcade games because most girls dig arcades themselves but can rarely convince their BFFs to spend an extended amount of time in them. Guys, well, they're a whole different story. This Insert Coin Tee, $17.99, from Penny Arcade will satisfy everyone's arcade needs. "I know that when I used to go into arcades, it was common to see a column of developing primates lined up in front of the cabinets,"says the creator. "I don't know what it was like where you lived." As a matter of fact, it was.

Haven't you heard? Chicks love puns. Or at least this chick does. Punny shirts, like this Fractions Speak Louder Than Nerds! number from Threadless, $12, offers a conversation starter and a clean, chic design. You'll give off that "yeah, I'm kinda a nerd, but I have a few ex-girlfriends" vibe.

Instead of touting your geekiness how about underplaying it a little. Everyone loves leaving a little to be desired, right? This Google is ruining everything shirt by Scary Go Round, £9.00 (or $18 USD), says "remember when humans fumbled around in the dark for knowledge and being a know-it-all meant something?" She won't suspect you're gonna run back to your office and Google her the moment she gives you her name and digits.

The Wingding tee shirt from Toothpaste for Dinner, $16, pays homage to what may be the third geekiest font in the world. The text reads "If you can read this, thank a windging." Of course, if you ever meet someone that can read it without you telling them that you should try to hang on to them.

There really is nothing more chic than a geeksugar tee shirt - whether you're a woman or a man. First off, it shows you're a loyal reader and second off it proves you have good taste. The best part is, I am hosting a competition right now so the person that leaves the most comments during the month of April will be awarded a geeksugar tee shirt from the Sugar Shop. Of course, if you don't win, you can buy one yourself.

*Special thanks to YumSugar for her help finding all these geek chic tees. She proves that dating a geek pays off.*

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