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Geek Gear Round Up: Help Choose A Mouse For My Mom

Now that I have some great mouse suggestions for my mom's computer, I need your help deciding which one to get her since I like them all equally! Thanks to TeamSugar user justjaime27 for geek gearing this fab circular silver mouse with flowers from Abernook. The next option is this adorable duck mouse submitted by TeamSugar user amyfinke which can be found at The last suggestion is from TeamSugar user copper who sent us this diamond flower mouse from mousenvy- although I'd have to find an imitation rhinestone version since the real thing is way too expensive. So which one do you like most?
If you happen to think of any more, please submit them to our Geek Gear section and we'll feature our favorite designs on geeksugar! Be sure to tag your finds with "my favorite mouse." To learn how to contribute to our Geek Gear list, click here.

Join The Conversation
caitlinp86 caitlinp86 10 years
i love the look of the 3rd one but is it a trackball mouse? I like the laser ones.
funocity funocity 10 years
the only one relatively comfortable to use is the one with the duck, the square shape would be hard on the hands, as would the flower jewels, and would probably come off from hand sweat. And the duck would only dry out if it cracked a leak.
ikitty13 ikitty13 10 years
Yeah, the ducky one probably would dry out. I didn't think about that.
theotherhalfofme theotherhalfofme 10 years
i like the diamond flower one!!
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 10 years
$23250 for a mouse? It's really cute, but not "I could buy a car for what I paid for my mouse" cute. It gets my vote but have to agree you'll need to find a less expensive version that isn't cast in white gold with 59 brilliants. Geez.
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
You could get her the duck mouse with a matching duck flash drive. Overkill? Yes. Cute? Definitely.
ZergGirl ZergGirl 10 years
Hmmm, I voted for the round one, but I just noticed it doesn't have a scroll wheel. I'd have to change my mind based on that and go with the duckie mouse.
gossipqueen gossipqueen 10 years
I voted for the circular one...the ducky one is super cute but i wonder if the water will eventually dry out...or if is too hot it might fog.
swwonder swwonder 10 years
I'm going with the circular one. as I know things like the splish splash one have a habit of breaking very easily (my mum collected them) when knocked. Plus it really pretty, it looks a bit like a ladybird.
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