Last week I asked you all to to geek out and bookmark your cell phone make and model on Teamsugar so I could get a better idea of what phones you readers are using. Well, the results are in and what a variety! The top brands seem to be LG and Nokia with few smartphones like the Treo, Blackberry and Helio mixed in.

I am most envious of imogenisabelle who has one of the coveted Prada phones by LG. "I find it surprisingly easy to use, though having no buttons is a bit unnerving when you're texting/typing in a number," says imogenisabelle. "The camera is pretty good (though the flash is pretty useless to be honest) and it's got an MP3 player that is easy to use and actually works with my mac. I am definitely a fan and so happy I have it."

To check out all the phones user's bookmarked and learn about why they like them scroll through the widget below.

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