My best friend is usually the most problematic person on my holiday shopping list. First off, we like the same things, so everything I find for her I want for myself. Second, she’s the one person in the world that listens to all of my woes so she deserves the best. So what would all the BFFs out there like for Christmas?

iPod Shuffle

Even if she already has an iPod, she’ll love the teeny-tiny new Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle, $79.99. As of this moment, it’s the world's smallest digital music player, and shockingly holds up to 240 songs. It’s perfect for her workouts, or those days she wants access to a small music library without bringing her regular iPod. Apple says the battery can run for 12 continuous hours, which means she can rock through a flight, workday or marathon.

For two more ideas, just

Kolo laptop sleeve
Kolobags has an assortment of simple and affordable “Sumo” quilted corduroy laptop sleeves that Velcro closed and can slide into a larger bag or stand alone as a cute and eye-catching cover. For $34.99, your BFF can protect her laptop (they fit Macs and most PCs), and be stylish. If you spring for an actual laptop bag, Kolobags also offers an assortment of designer styles. With celebrity endorsers like Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Maria Bello, they’ve got to be doing something right.

Help her enter the digital life with a TiVo Digital Video Recorder. She won’t be able to use that “I have to go home – there’s a John Cusack marathon on tonight and I need to change the tape” excuse ever again. TiVo will allow her to store nearly 80 hours of digital recording time and will even find and record the types of shows she likes based on her picks. Tivo costs about $70, but there is a monthly fee. If you love her enough, you can cover that too for about $14 a month.