The other night I was on the hunt for my mini external speaker, and in my searching journey, I came across some old — very old — gadgets. What was supposed to be a two minute search, turned into me pulling everything out, reminiscing and having this nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Every gadget pictured here has a fun story behind it, and I couldn't help but think about each one. Every sentence in my head started with, "Oh that (insert device name), I remember when I got that." Like the BlackBerry for instance. Which just so happened to be my first BlackBerry that I managed to convince my parents was the most perfect graduation present anyone could ever ask for. My friends got trips to Cancun, I got a BlackBerry — I was over the moon.

What about you? Do you ever find an old cell phone or camera that you kinda miss? Or ones that bring back a ton of old memories?