I'm more hilarious than my tweets. My life is more fascinating than my Facebook updates. My Internet activity is more diverse than my Delicious account might suggest. But don't get me wrong, I adore social networking.

It's an hourly addiction, lighthearted medium for expression, and a fast, cheap, and satisfying way of interacting with friends and strangers around the globe. But every once in a while when I step back and look at my activity, followers and friends on the bajillion networks I belong to I worry about the trail I am leaving and the reputation I've inadvertently created online. My "real life" friends know my greatness outside the Internet, but are there strangers, co-workers and acquaintances judging me based on my scattered thoughts and tweets? All signs point to yes.

Social networking has fundamentally changed the way we date and interact with others — for better and for worse. Do you take it all in stride and just let loose, or do you stress over the wacky images and tidbits you put out there?