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Geek Out: I Need A New Camera

Last month my parent's borrowed my PowerShot SD600 digital camera when they took a day trip to the wine county in Napa and left it on a bench. Typical, right? They made up for it this week by finally remembering to give me a check so I can purchase the replacement for myself. The trouble is, now that Canon reported that the PowerShot SD has been overheating, I'm not sure I want to buy the same exact same model.

Come geek out with me and share all your favorite digital cameras, by using our new bookmarking feature! I'm looking for something that is:

  • Slender
  • Takes great pictures
  • Moderately simple to use
  • Costs less than $600
  • I generally only use the camera at night when I'm out on the town with my girlfriends, or at formal events like weddings and showers. I'd love to get something that's been approved by a real person, so I know it's geek worthy.

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Glossgirl692 Glossgirl692 10 years
i love my sony cybershot digital camera, it's about and inch thick and the screen takes up most of one side. it's only got 5 buttons, plus a zoom in/out slider, a basic(camera, video, and review) setting switcher, a power button, and a button to take the picture with. i think it's really simple, you can do a lot of things with not a ton of buttons. it's also got a slider in front of the flash light and viewer so that they don't get scratched.
neni neni 10 years
I 100% recommend the Cannon SD 630... it takes AMAZING picures, the extra large display screen makes previewing shots a breeze, and with minimal reading of the instruction manual you can become a pro at taking pictures in ANY setting, action, night, portrait... you name it! It's 6 megapixels so you can basically manipulate the images however you'd like. Another important feature that won me over on this camera is the rechargeable battery... you always end up saving money... I got mine online at they have GREAT service, and current cameras (not old models) for about 20% lower than the prices in stores. The camera is brand new too so you dont have to worry about buying arefurbished camera. I paid about $250 for it, including S&H. I've used Kodak digital cameras before and they're not as good as their regular cameras good luck shopping!
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
I suggest the Fuji F20. Just bought it for the bf for Christmas after I did a moderate-heavy amount of researching on it. Its slender, great price ~$200 Best Buy, optical zoom (which for the benefit of others is better than digital), 2000 ISO, 6.3 megapixels, great sensitivity, sound w/video, large screen, and other great options! Its about $180 if you buy it online. A great camera at a great price! HE LOVES IT and he is a picky techie.
EtudiantLiberal EtudiantLiberal 10 years
Last year I bought a Kodak V550 digital camera and I absolutely LOVE it. It meets all 4 of your requirements...and then some. As far as simple use - by pressing one button on top, all of the different setting options come up on the screen. More importantly, it gives a little icon for each setting AND tells you what the setting is and when/for what use the setting is best (i.e. "Party: use for photos of people in indoor settings," "Night Portrait: Use to capture subject and background. Steady camera for best results."). It has 19 different options, including Sport, Snow (my favorite for the past few weeks), Candlelight, Self-Portrait, and even one for flowers. It also has the capability to record video - I had forgotten all about that feature until I got to a concert this summer...I didn't expect the video quality to be anything impressive, but I was pretty pleasantly surprised. It's very slim and pretty cute looking. Right now Kodak online is pricing it at $250 ( - which is cheaper than I paid last year. I LOVE this camera, have had absolutely no problems with it, and very highly recommend it.
Sunshyne099 Sunshyne099 10 years
About 4 months ago i purchased the FUJI Finepix F470 camera and it rocks! It is the second Fuji digital camera i have owned. I bought the original, a HUGE camera by todays standards and 3 mega pixels when the digital camera was first getting big. It was a great camera and easy to use. Sooooo I wanted to get another fuji when I felt like I wanted something that was easier to keep track of and take with me ie: fit in my pocket. I got the new Fuji camera way cheaper than the first one I bought. It has 6 megapixels and takes awesome pics. It has a huge screen on the back which i love and is as easy to download as the old one. I got a 256mb chip so it holds like 500 pictures. Best of all it is less than 1 inch thick all the way across, totally flat so I can easily carry it in my pocket to all those fun events. I am through setting it down somewhere cause its huge and forgetting it. I got the camera at Walmart for like $150. Well worth it. I even found a cool little leather case to hold it which has a little clip like a cell phone and clips it to my belt or pants. Love it! :>)
YaoMing YaoMing 10 years
Kodak makes a pretty good camera and it's decently priced...I know you skeptical :p
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