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Digital Life
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Digital Life
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Geek Out: Share Your Favorite Desk Accessories

I define desk accessories as things you don't really need, but you want. From novelty speakers, USB-powered beverage heaters and coolers and lamps that charge gadgets to goofy Kung Fu tape dispensers - there seems to be no end to the genre.

I don't need the iCat speaker from Firebox, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over it. I mean, it plugs into your MP3 player, plays music, moves its tail and lights up. What more desk entertainment can a girl ask for?

Share your favorite desk accessories by searching the web and bookmarking them. Make sure to tag your finds with "great desk accessories" and tell us why you like them. Then check back to geeksugar next week to see if I featured your picks.

To learn what Geek Gear is and how to bookmark your finds on our site, click here. To see some of my favorite online stores,

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Join The Conversation
Outatime Outatime 9 years
I love the solar powered toys too!
rachelspark rachelspark 10 years
I have usb powered christmas lights.
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
this one looks like fun. :)
c0rkie c0rkie 10 years
i have an idog too! i got it in japan when it 1st came out. now it just sits here and does nothing lol
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
I have an iDog! I must admit, I don't use it as much as I should, but it really is super-cute.
girlboy girlboy 10 years
i love the solar powered desktop toys!
Phasekitty Phasekitty 10 years
The iCat is really cute, but being a dog person and a comic book geek, I LOVE the Spi=Dog! Problem is, I don't know if I want the traditional or the black suit! Tough decision!
shafiii shafiii 10 years
the iCat speakers are so cute! hmm.. i wonder what my favorite useless desk accesory is
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