I'm tingling for tonight's return of How I Met Your Mother — even though I'm most psyched to see what happens with Barney and Robin (remember his geeky reaction to their one night stand?), I'm also curious to see if Stella accepts Ted's marriage proposal.

From the looks of this photo, all I can say is that if they're in a video game arcade, all signs point to yes! Video game arcades remain for me, the most romantic places ever. As a youngun, my first dates (or casual hangouts, if someone was too scared to ask specifically for a date) were at arcades, because it was one of the few parent-approved places you could go as a pre-teen.

Once inside, things got awesomer: you played adrenaline-pumping games together, cheered each other on at shoot-'em-up games, and if things went really well, you rode in those two-seater "ride to Mars" games. So tell me: do you have any old video game arcade date memories?

Photo courtesy of CBS