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Geek Out: What's Your Desktop Wallpaper?

Geek Out: What's Your Desktop Wallpaper?

I love seeing the offices of design mavens because they inevitably have some fabulous desktop wallpaper on the screen for the photo op, always something that complements the rest of the design of the office.

Case in point: Making it Lovely's Nicole shared her office recently, and my eye gravitated immediately to her Mac and the art on her desktop, the colors of which coordinate with the dominant pinks and reds of her office space.

I too enjoy a pretty, serene wallpaper as the setting for the madness that takes place on top of it; right now I can't seem to shake the Kaiku Marimekko pattern. Other times, I want to see a family pic stretched across my monitor, and sometimes I crave a simple, solid color to calm me. And I am not opposed to a really high-res photo of a flower (shoot, I am a girl).

But I'm curious about everyone else, since I think your computer's desktop wallpaper says a lot about you; What's yours?


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lolmisstran lolmisstran 8 years
Mine Is A Picture Of Me At Abercrombie. I Heart Her Desktop And Office :)
cupkate cupkate 8 years
I'm a graphic designer so at work it's just a plain gray screen, but at home I rotate with wallpapers from
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
i change mine every week. sometimes it's a new photo from a trip or time with my family and friends. sometimes it's nature. sometimes i go for the artistic flair. but they always express my personality.
JJ985 JJ985 8 years
A cow and a chicken both looking at a cow patterned egg aginst a green background. It was a design for a t-shirt I found on some website..
bbb1saa bbb1saa 8 years
At work, I have a picture of Wall-E. At home, I have pictures of family or pets.
carl-b0nes carl-b0nes 8 years This is mine, from the anime "tengen toppa gurren lagen" She has this Huge gun like twice as long as she is tall.
smackthepony smackthepony 8 years
Sorry, Fractals!
smackthepony smackthepony 8 years
I love Fractels... so I log onto my Deviant Art in the Fractel section for Desktops. Gorgeous.
beingtazim beingtazim 8 years
I tend to have a lot of Doctor Who (with David Tennant, the 10th doctor) related wallpaper that rotates. Mostly, I like the wallpaper from the BBC Doctor Who site best - especially the comics-style ones.
lukal lukal 8 years
My wallpaper is my entire family, taken last Thanksgiving. I love it!. I have 3 sons, their wives, and seven grandchildren. And we are not a bad-looking family. Wish I could show you.
janellethechef janellethechef 8 years
Mine is this awesome picture I took while in Vail with my boyfriend this summer.
Performita Performita 8 years
this is my iMac: And this is my MacBook:
albeli albeli 8 years
I currently have this pic of my daughter up.
rabidmoon rabidmoon 8 years
I change it a lot, I do the DeviantART thing as well and do some "mechanical" fractal art that I use sometimes for my own machine, or I might use a funny photo. Lately I have been into galactic/astronomical photos and nature shots, had some really pretty ones of the northern lights recently.
KHast KHast 8 years
I actually had to double check before I commented here! My desktop background is a big heart drawn in sand. Simple, serene, and sweet.
CreateMagic CreateMagic 8 years
Jacoby Ellsbury. Mmmmm.
BostonChick BostonChick 8 years
I made a wallpaper that has an older vintage look to it. On it has a picture of my dog who recently passed away with a quote and the day of his birth and death. Before that, though, was a picture on the sun setting at the beach.
lorus1 lorus1 8 years
Angelina Jolie. Prettiest face to grace my desktop.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
Right now it's a Daisy by Marc Jacobs wallpaper. I got it from the site, it's perfume bottles. I have a ton of others that I rotate weekly.
Kazagirl Kazagirl 8 years
picture of three black pug puppies.
stone_soup stone_soup 8 years
I like simple and meaningful wallpapers.
Sammi_784 Sammi_784 8 years
At the moment I have the default blue Mac wallpaper but I often use the photos I take as my desktop wallpaper.
gorgonitsa gorgonitsa 8 years
i love my new wallpaper!thanks for the tip!
kia kia 8 years
A pile of white Dia de Los Muertos sugar skulls on a white background.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I just changed it to this time lapse lightning shot I found on Lifehacker. I like so many things, nature, cartoons, tv shows... I rotate it every month or so. My mom always has her favorite shot (she likes photographing wild birds) of the week.
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