I love seeing the offices of design mavens because they inevitably have some fabulous desktop wallpaper on the screen for the photo op, always something that complements the rest of the design of the office.

Case in point: Making it Lovely's Nicole shared her office recently, and my eye gravitated immediately to her Mac and the art on her desktop, the colors of which coordinate with the dominant pinks and reds of her office space.

I too enjoy a pretty, serene wallpaper as the setting for the madness that takes place on top of it; right now I can't seem to shake the Kaiku Marimekko pattern. Other times, I want to see a family pic stretched across my monitor, and sometimes I crave a simple, solid color to calm me. And I am not opposed to a really high-res photo of a flower (shoot, I am a girl).

But I'm curious about everyone else, since I think your computer's desktop wallpaper says a lot about you; What's yours?