Last week I asked you to share your favorite fictional geeks after I admitted my love for hobbits and the boys from HBO's Flight of The Conchords. Most of you ended up leaving your answers in the comments section of that story, revealing your love for Seth Cohen on "The OC," Bill from "Freaks and Geeks" (such a good choice daizyk70!) and of course, Hiro from "Heroes."

As for those of you who bookmarked your choices, the range is pretty exciting and hilarious. 7bits expressed his secret crush on Erin the Esurance girl, partysugar proved her love for the glamorous Hermione Granger and tdamji shared her love for the fabulously geeky Nancy Drew.

"Nancy Drew is the coolest!" says tdamji. "She solves mysteries that grown men can't, while looking totally snappy in her 1950s wardrobe (even in the new movie!), using her great geeky gadgets and never losing her cool." Touché!

Check out a roundup of your favorite fictional geeks in the widget below.