I've been avoiding this story for a few days, because it's one of those tales you just don't want to believe. Alas, it's gotten under my skin and I figure you readers will have a thing or two to say about it. A computer technician who works as part of Best Buy's Geek Squad is now facing criminal charges after he was caught using his cellphone to videotape a young woman in the shower.

According to Gina Hughes of Techie Diva, the technician was hired to do some work in the 22-year-old woman's house, and asked to use the bathroom before the she hopped in the shower.

What she didn't realize was that Hao Kuo Chi was cleverly positioning his cellphone behind the sink, allegedly to capture footage of her showering. Fortunately, the woman's sister noticed the phone's red blinking light, removed the phone's chip, and took it to a nearby Verizon store to view its contents. After their worst suspicions were confirmed, the 22-year old says she felt embarrassed and dirty.

The story is petrifying on a number of levels and gives technicians all around a bad name by extension. Of course, one can't say that this incident had anything to do with the fact that the man was a "geek" or computer technician, but simply that he abused technology in a disgusting, illegal and unfair way.