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Geek Tip: Calling Card Lingo Explained

Even with services like Skype and Jajah, I often find myself searching for a cheap way to call friends overseas and usually succumb to the old-school method of using calling cards. Whenever I purchase calling cards, I'm always weary of certain words like "maintenance fee" and "connection fee" and wonder what their true meaning is. Thankfully Business Week has compiled a list of the "fine print" terms used on calling cards, so we can all be better informed and get the best deals on long-distance calls.

  • Connection Fee: The charge incurred as soon as you make a call.
  • Maintenance Fee: Can be charged at the end of a call, or every week, or every month.
  • Communication Fee: The charge you get when the call is over.
  • Disconnection Fee: Yet another penalty for ending your call-urrgh.
  • Long-Talking Fee: A charge for gabbing for more than 20 minutes.

via Consumerist.

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