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Geek Tip: The Ctrl + Alt + Del on Macs

If you came from a PC upbringing like me, you have probably been Ctrl+Alt+Del brainwashed when it comes to frozen screens and unresponsive programs. Now that I've graduated into the Mac world of computing, I've had to train myself on all of the Apple key commands.

Rather than pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete to terminate unresponsive applications, on a Mac you press Command-Option-Escape (the pic to the left has an arrow on the Apple command key). Once you press these keys, select any application from the Force Quit window and click Force Quit. Or you can right click on the application in your Dock and then select Force Quit too.

The Apple/command key can also be used to copy (Cmd+C), paste (Cmd+ V), cut (Cmd+X), and undo (Cmd+Z).

For more tips on how to accomplish the same tasks on a Mac as a PC click Switch 101.

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Neural Neural 10 years
:ROTFL: The PC side of your brain. So true. So true!
Tech Tech 10 years
Opps, beautiful just prevented a not-so-beautiful disaster...I was thinking on my PC side of the brain :)
beautiful-disaster beautiful-disaster 10 years
just a heads up, i have a mac too, its all we've ever had at home, and to paste is not command+p its command+v :) with command+tab you can cycle through the applications you have open which is nice good luck learning the rest!
macgirl macgirl 10 years
Sometimes on a really frozen app you will need to click on the desktop or be in another app to access the Force Quit dialog box. If you don't have a right click mouse you can just click and hold on the icon in the dock for a moment or two and it will give you the pop up. Also to get right click dialog boxes you can hold down your ctrl key while clicking. I use this when I'm mobile on my MacBook Pro, other than that I love my Mighty Mouse :-)
Neural Neural 10 years
ooooh... good topic, Geek! I do plan to eventually make the switch, so this is superb info!
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