I find myself constantly cutting and pasting web addresses for work and for play - hey, we all need to share fun links with friends! Here is a helpful hint so that you can quickly import URL's to office files and other locations.

  1. Open the office file that needs the web address
  2. Click and hold the page icon which is located to the left of the page's URL on the address bar (I have circled it in pink above)
  3. Then drag the page icon to the program where you need the address
  4. If your destination window happens to be covered, then first drag the Page Icon down to the task bar and pause over the program you're trying to reach. After a short pause, the windows should switch so you can continue the drag into the new location
  5. Lastly, release the mouse in the desired location and your web address should be right where you want it - without having to cut and paste!