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Geek Tip: Feedflix Knows What Your Netflix Habits Mean

Taking Netflix to the next level, my friends are all really into how much Netflix says we're alike based on our movie ratings. I know that I can always take a movie recommendation from my friend Jen because Netflix says we're 96 percent similar (96!).

And besides getting recommendations, I just think it's fun to see what my renting habits say about me. So when I found Feedflix, it totally tapped into that curiosity. See, Feedflix is all about Netflix analysis; see how long you tend to keep movies, compare that to other users, and see how much each rental costs you, based on how fast you send and receive them.

You can also set alerts with Feedflix to remind you to watch or send back a movie whose red envelope is gathering dust on your TV stand.

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Her-Shoe-Addiction Her-Shoe-Addiction 7 years
Wow, this is a really neat gadget. I love getting my Netflix. I save money by not purchasing cable television. It would be interesting though to see if I could save more. Great find!
kedawen kedawen 8 years
This looks like an awesome site... but I'm *really* afraid to find out how much some of my rentals cost me. I'm a lot better these days about being speedy sending them back, but sometimes its like those red envelopes just camouflage themselves and disappear into the entertainment center... so I guess reminders may be good too. :)
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