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Geek Tip: Hot TiVo Search Tips

Imagine if Google ran TiVo's search function?! Good times right? Until that blessed day, I can help you buzz through the somewhat frustrating TiVo search!

After you've mastered button shortcuts and using TiVo to play music at home, you really should get your searchin' down.

To learn lots of great TiVo searching tips, just


  • Did you know that wildcards work in TiVo? Add an asterisk to the end of your search, i.e., Osbourne*, and it'll look for variations on the end of the asterisked word. This is great since TiVo is usually very demanding about the search term being exact.
  • Here's another standard search term I use all the time on the Internet that I didn't know TiVo would respond to: Use quotes around terms to look for exact phrases, like "real housewives." The PAUSE button makes the quote marks.
  • Don't forget about Wish Lists. If you can't find a program in the schedule, whether it's not immediately upcoming or if you have the title slightly off, program the actor, show or movie name, or keyword in as a Wish List, and TiVo will automatically record the coordinating programs.
  • Oh, and have you found the TiVo Easter egg yet? Press the TiVo button then the zero button to see it!

Happy TiVoing!


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megazone megazone 9 years
Now is a good time to get one - there are a few promotions running, such as a 'factory renewed' TiVo HD for $199.99, or a TiVo HD with product lifetime, WiFi adapter, and TiVo plush doll for $698.99:
cbombnewell cbombnewell 9 years
i need tivo so bad!
megazone megazone 9 years
Well, it really isn't an Easter Egg - it isn't hidden or secret, TiVo+0 is just another keyboard shortcut and it plays the boot animation. There are a number of shortcuts and backdoor functions: As for the searching on TiVo, there are some other nice features, such as negation in WishLists. For example, I'm an anime fan. So I setup an Auto-Record WishList (ARWL) for Category: Interests/Anime. And set it to record first-run only. However, some programs have bad guide data, or I've seen them before, or just don't like them. So to prevent the ARWL from recording them, I set Title Keywords and negate them. For example, I've seen all of the series Moonphase, but it keeps re-airing with bad guide data so the TiVo would keep re-recording it. (And I didn't like it enough to watch it over and over.) So I set 'Moonphase' as a Title Keyword, then added negation - you do that by editing the Title Keyword list and then hitting 'Thumbs Down' on the term - this adds a minus sign (-) before it, so I have '-Moonphase' as a Title Keyword. You can also use the Thumbs to make a term optional, which puts parenthesis around it. With no modifier it is mandatory. Since you can combine Keyword(s), Title Keyword(s), Actor(s), Director(s), and/or Categor(y|ies) - and add modifiers such as negation or optionality, you can really create some powerful queries.
Tami715 Tami715 9 years
Can't wait to get home to see the Tivo easter egg!
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