No one likes an overheated gadget and because dousing them with water isn't an option, it's important to remember that summer heat can cause some serious damage to your favorite electronics. Treat them the same way you would your delicate skin, by avoiding direct contact with anything too hot. Of Zen And Computing has put together a great list of really simple tips that will keep you and your gadgets in the cool zone this summer. Here are more:

  • Don’t Stack Electronics - Don't prop your TiVo on top of your TV or your DVD player on top of your VCR. Electronics get hot enough on their own, but when stacked on top of one another, they produce and conduct even higher temperatures. Use shelves.
  • Keep Vents Clear - Vents were made for a reason. It's that simple. Keep drapes, table cloths and decorative pillows off your gadgets and their vents. They need to breathe almost as much as you do.
  • Position Electronics Away from Heat - Don't store your electronics in direct sunlight or next to a space heater. In fact, if you can make sure they are near a fan or air conditioner. Remember: Heat rises.
  • In Case of Emergency, Shut Down - Isn't this always the answer?