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Geek Tip: Keep Your Mouse Clean With Paper

So you managed to get the grit and grime off your keyboard with geeksugar's helpful keyboard cleaning tips! Now it's onto the next task: removing dirt from the bottom of your mouse - yummy!

Here's a very simple mouse cleaning tip I discovered on lifehacker from Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration. All you need is a white piece of paper to get started. Slowly drag the mouse from the top of the piece of paper to the bottom. Repeat sideways if any dirt still appears on paper. The paper should instantly move the dirt away from the pads on the bottom of the mouse! Get more great tips from Digital Inspiration.

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intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 9 years
Good tips!
rachelface rachelface 9 years
Well if we are talking ball, than isn't the best way to take out the ball and use rubbing alcohol and a q-tip and run it along the rollers? dirt usually gets pretty stuck in there causing the mouse not to work as well, and that's what i can see a user wanting to clean it. But if you are talking about cleaning the rubber feet on the bottom, then both optical and ball mice usually have them. That i can kinda see a plain piece of paper cleaning off.....
Tech Tech 9 years
Rachelface: The soft surface of a mousepad usually contributes to the accumulation and harboring of dirt on the bottom of a mouse, whereas a piece of paper on a hard surface will actually drag the dirt away from it! You are soo right clarient - you won't have this problem if you use an optical mouse!
rachelface rachelface 9 years
if that works, shouldn't the movement on the mouse pad alone clean your mouse?
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