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Geek Tip: Speed Through Boring Dialogue With Your TiVo

If you're a loyal TiVo-head you have probably memorized all the remote shortcut tips, and figured out how to turn your TiVo into a personal DJ, but have you mastered speeding through commercials and boring monologues to get to the good parts?

You can use closed captioning and the TiVo remote's "forward" button, to speed through slow, dialogue-heavy parts of programs like the news, commercials, and any show with closed captioning. The official TiVo tips and tricks page explains:

Turn on closed captioning on your TV, and then press the "forward" button once. (Bonus Tip: Many TVs activate captions automatically when you press the mute button.) You'll be able to read the dialogue and finish the program in nearly half the time! When you want to hear something real time, just hit instant replay.

Heaven must be missing an angel . . .

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OChottie OChottie 8 years
What no comments?!!! Seriously, I can't live without my TiVo. Thanks so much for the tips.
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