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Geek Tip: Wake Up With the Web

While some people still rely on their giant digital alarm clocks for all their dreaded snooze interruptions, the serious geeks out there have turned to the internet for their wake-up calls. If you're looking to test out the web's wakey wakey services, I suggest iPing, which is a reminder hub that keeps track of your schedule and allows you to set notifications and calls to help you get out of bed, remember birthdays, or even take your medicine. The idea is similar to setting your smartphone calendar to remind you of events, but you receive an actual phone call.

I also like WakeUpLand, an online wake-up service that allows anyone with an ordinary touch-tone phone to set wake-up calls for a small fee, and Snoozester, which provides reminder calls. The Snoozester wake-up call service is touted as a "great way to stop oversleeping and start waking up on time" because it offers features such as repeating calls, a snooze button, fun Snoozester characters, and SecureAwake, a feature for heavy sleepers that calls you every three minutes (for up to 20 minutes) until you answer the phone to indicate that you are awake. You won't have any excuse to keep the carpool waiting.

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CillaB8 CillaB8 9 years
I have been using iPing for years. I can sleep through multiple alarms, but, for some reason, the answering machine can always wake me. You can get 30 calls in a month for only about $5, and it's been well-worth it to me. You can set snoozes too, and the interface is really easy, imho. I like the news wakeup call because it lets me know the top headlines for the day. I will have to check out Sandy though; that seems neat.
Madamesoybean Madamesoybean 9 years
I use PingMe at work and it's free. I also LOVE my personal assistant Sandy at Once I figured it out Sandy has become quite useful especially if used with Jott.
PrincessTracy PrincessTracy 9 years I'm wondering if my boss would pay for this service...
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
good idea - i usually set 2 or 3 alarms if it is something important, but what if there's a black out?
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