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Geek Tip: Wifi And Your Health

Ever worry about Wifi affecting your overall health? Being able to connect to the internet from an airport, hotel or a cafe does have its advantages, although the potential health risks of wireless internet exposure is still uncertain. Some studies have suggested that Wifi exposure can cause brain damage, memory loss and neurological harm. A girl can only wonder if chatting on her cell phone or watching popcorn cook in the microwave can be just as harmful.
What are your thoughts?

Click on The Times article , Wi-fi: Should We Be Worried? to learn more about this highly-debated topic.

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Hi1t3k Hi1t3k 9 years
I don't believe it. If Wi-Fi were a problem, then other things would have killed us a long time ago. The signal from a Wi-Fi access point is 1/50 of a watt (or 20 milliwatts). It's a very weak signal. Television broadcast towers and radars are in the millions of watts ERP. We know a few things: AM radio, FM, TV, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultra-violet, x-rays and gamma rays are all the same thing - electromagnetic radiation. UV, x-rays and gamma rays are known to do damage and cause cancer. But all of these are ionizing radiation. Longer wavelengths such as light, don't ionize and therefore don't seem to cause cancer. Strong infra-red (such as heat in your oven) or microwave energy can cause burns. If you don't feel heat from it, it can't cook you. Wi-Fi emits less power than most LEDs. There is just not enough energy there to do any damage.
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