BuzzSugar recently got the chance to interview the lovable Jack McBrayer, who plays the sweet and innocent NBC page Kenneth "30 Rock," and because I utterly adore him and the show, I asked her to scope out his geek cred. Turns out, he's much less geeky than his on TV persona but he is pretty tech savvy.

In her interview, BuzzSugar asked Jack if he ever Googles himself, which in my opinion is one of the best questions to ask a potential geek. He replied: "I don’t. I did it once, and all you have to do is find one person who’s mean and saying hateful things... all it takes is one person, you know? All I care about, if my friends and family are enjoying the show, that’s all I need." A geek chic actor who loves his friends and family? Be still my heart.